Our rapid, fold-up doors are made using PVC sheets with in-built stiffening bars that create a resistance to wind that has never been done before. They provide huge versatility and act as a great barrier thanks to a sturdy inner steel skeleton.

These doors are specially designed to dispel wind noise or any other sounds that may cause disruptions, and they can be personalized in a number of different ways.

Our Crane Packed Doors adapt to all market sectors that are in need of a crane infrastructure, and are split into the following models:

Rapid doors type pack 150, suitable for max size 6000(w) x 5000(h) with transverse reinforcement
Rapid doors type pack 250, suitable for max size 9000
(w) x 7000(h) with transverse reinforcement
Rapid doors type pack 350, suitable for max size 12000
(w) x 7000(h) with transverse reinforcement and characterized by a double engine. 

This style of rapid door is created using galvanized steel and is controlled using a panel. They are built for longevity, are sturdy enough for intensive and continuous use, come in sizes up to 35m wide, 18m high, and are wind resistant to gusts of up to 160km/h.

As well as the standard models, we can also develop large custom doors for rooms on the ground as well as for overhead crane devices.

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