A different model of the DynamicRoll, the DynamicRoll Clean Rooms is a door specifically designed for areas where a high level of hygiene is needed.

Key Features

  • Efficient high speed
  • Exceptional insulation with low air permeability
  • Impact proof and self-repairing
  • Works well in high traffic areas
  • High standard hygiene barrier
  • Reduces worker downtime
  • Great for high traffic


  • Clean Rooms
  • High-Tech Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
  • Cosmetics Manufacturing
  • Laboratories
  • Food Factories
  • Food Packaging
  • Dairies

The DynamicRoll Clean Rooms is a smart choice where an environment needs to have a high level of hygiene or controlled pressure. This door is for internal use only.

Maintenance and Efficiency


This DynamicRoll door is named after Clean Rooms, because Clean Rooms need to have air that is 20,000 times cleaner than normal air hygiene levels. This can be difficult to achieve but DynamicRoll Clean Rooms have many features that are key to meeting the industry standards of Clean Rooms. This door has a Grade 304 stainless steel frame with a standard antistatic curtain. The gear motor and control are isolated within the frame which offers a spotless hygienic finish as well as reducing air permeability. The DynamicRoll Clean Rooms has been designed to perform well in pressure differential rooms and has proven, through testing, to have an air permeability of < 12m3/m2h at 50Pa.


This door also includes the features of the DynamicRoll making it an efficient high-speed and self-repairing door. At an opening speed of 2 metres per second the DynamicRoll Clean Rooms guarantees optimum worker productivity and ensures that openings are kept sealed for as much time as possible. This door also includes the zipper self-repairing system – meaning the curtain of the door will automatically reinsert itself after a collision – which greatly reduces maintenance costs.


DynamicRolls Clean Rooms Controls include: floor loops, proximity sensors, remote control, and pull cord. Safety is also an important characteristic of this door with integrated safety edges, photocells, and a soft bottom edge.

Optional Frames:

  •  Grade 316 Stainless Steel
  •  Galvanized Steel with a self-finish or powder coated to a range of colours