The DynamicRollFrigo II is a different model of the standard DynamicRoll Industry door. The Frigo II is designed for industrial refrigeration areas that have freezer and cold room doorways that are frequently in use.

Key Features:

  • Efficient high speed
  • Exceptional insulation
  • Sustainable door that helps lower energy costs

Industry areas that the Frigo II door is used in:

  • Freezer Stores
  • Cold Rooms
  • Forklift Access
  • Loading Bays
  • Internal Doorways


The Frigo II has a high degree of thermal insulation thanks to its special dual-curtain system. The door has a double layer of PVC fabric curtains with central 250mm airlock. This feature ensures the door can be used for temperatures as low as -25 Celsius.


The DynamicRoll model has key features that help reduces costs in the maintenance of this door. With a soft-bottom edge and no metal bars, the DynamicRoll is very hard to damage – meaning damage costs are greatly reduced. The door is also self-repairing and has an anti-crash system to reduce costs of damages from forklifts and other such traffic. After an impact the door has an innovative zipper that allows the curtain to automatically reinsert itself. Meaning work can continue instantly and smoothly as there is no engineer required to fix the issue.


The DynamicRoll is designed to be highly efficient in high traffic areas. The door comes with a frequency inverter that can be used to control opening/closing speeds. With a high speed of two metres per second, the DynamicRoll keeps doorways sealed for as much time as possible which is ideal for hygiene and temperature control reasons.


Safety is also of high importance with the DynamicRoll and the door includes safety edges and photo cells that reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries.
• Heated track to prevent the formation of ice
• Additional 3mm of foam on the curtains to provide higher insulation performance.