DynamicRoll Push & Pull is a flexible and self-repairing roll door that is ideal for all industrial sectors requiring the partition of different working environments.
This door ensures high-speed opening operations (adjustable via frequency inverters) which enables you to speed up handling operations and to optimize work time. Thanks to the frequency converter, it is possible to adjust opening speed and slow down closing operations, so as to reduce the risk of impact.
DynamicRoll® are high-speed doors in PVC, with a perimeter structure in galvanized or stainless steel, which is ideal to support the panel. The door panel rides effortlessly within a track, thanks to the special profile and hinge designed by us, requiring low maintenance.
High-quality panels, the resistive safety edge fitted to the bottom edge of the door, photocells and barriers make this product both safe and durable, being totally self-repairing, thanks to a special “Anti Crash System”.

Key Features:

• Efficient high speed action
• Exceptional hygiene barrier
• Self-repairing and impact proof
• Low air permeability
• Reduces worker downtime
• Great for high traffic

Industry areas the DynamicRoll® Push Pull can be is used in:

• Food Manufacturing & Distribution
• Warehousing & Logistics
• General Manufacturing
• Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
• Aerospace & Defence
• Food Packaging
• Distribution Centres
• Supermarkets

Construction and Materials:

The DynamicRoll®’s curtain is constructed from heavy-duty PVC. The frame is made of either galvanized steel or stainless steel. This frame is designed so that the beams support the panels in the most ideal way. The DynamicRoll® has a specially designed profile and hinge that allows the door panel to run effortlessly in its track. Within the upper crossbeam a roller is placed for the panel to roll up on. These crucial characteristics make the design low-maintenance.

Cost-Effectivity and Maintenance:

The DynamicRoll® model has key features that help reduces costs in the maintenance of this door. With a soft-bottom edge and no metal bars, the DynamicRoll® is very hard to damage – meaning damage costs are greatly reduced. The door is also self-repairing and has an anti-crash system to reduce costs of damages from forklifts and other such traffic. After an impact the door has an innovative zipper that allows the curtain to automatically reinsert itself. This ensures work can continue instantly and smoothly as there is no engineer required to fix the issue.


The DynamicRoll® is designed to be highly efficient in high traffic areas. The door comes with a frequency inverter that can be used to control opening/closing speeds. With a high speed of two metres per second, the DynamicRoll® keeps doorways sealed for as much time as possible which is ideal for hygiene and temperature control reasons.

Other Features:

DynamicRoll® has a vast range of controls that can be configured to your needs. Controls include: floor loops; proximity sensors; and pull cord.
Safety is also of high importance with the DynamicRoll® and the door includes safety edges and photo cells that reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries.


• Frame can come in a self-finish or be powder coated. Powder coated can be in a range of colours.
• Grade 304 or Grade 316 stainless steel available for the frame.
• PVC Curtain comes in a range of colours.
• 3mm insulated curtain for areas where greater temperature control is required.
• Counterweight or UPS battery available. These are used to open the door in case of power failure.
• Curtain can be equipped with large transparent sections, ‘windows’, to create a lighter work environment with more visibility.