The Komby door is the solution to a space that needs shutter insulation as well as a high speed, self-repairing performance. The Komby door is unique in the way it is a combination of two of our different doors, ThermicRoll Classic and the DynamicRoll, bringing the best features of both the doors together in one compact frame.

Key Features:

  • Efficient high speed
  • Exceptional insulation
  • Sustainable door that helps lower energy costs
  • Coldroom versions available

Industry/general areas the Komby door is used in:

  • Loading Doors
  • External Doorways
  • Warehouses
  • Factories
  • Cold Stores
  • Distribution Centres


The Komby door is the perfect solution for applications where doorways need insulation and security, whilst still being efficient for regular through traffic.

Construction and Materials:

The outside of the Komby door is similar to the ThermicRoll Classic. It has a steel shutter that is large with a sound absorbing surface that provides acoustic insulation as well as being wind resistant and providing thermal insulation. The inside of the door employs the features of the DynamicRoll – a high speed door that ensures safe and fast transit operations.

Maintenance and Efficiency:

This door is also self-repairing which helps minimise maintenance costs. To help reduce the risk of impact the Komby door has a frequency converter so that you can manually change the opening speed and slow down the closing speed. However, if an accidental impact were to occur the panel/track system will be automatically restored.

Cost Effectivity 

The Komby door is also an economical solution. The Komby’s compact frame not only saves space but reduces the need for steel work and the added costs that come with extra steel work. Out of business hours the doors’ roller shutter insulation reduces energy costs and supplies security.


The panel is available in different colours. The panel is also customisable with screen prints, images, or logos. This customisation is available on request.