BIG on safety.

The MEGAPACK™ door has been specifically designed and engineered for extreme industrial environments where they will be exposed to abnormally harsh conditions. Resistant to excess moisture, dust, high or low temperatures and winds, even over the largest of openings.

The MEGAPACK™ unique design ensures :

  • Reliablity
  • Longevity
  • Energy efficient performance
  • High values of both thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Minimal maintenance


Every door project is unique, and with a custom approach, each door is designed specifically to suit the customers wants and needs. With the guidance of our experienced engineers, we will work together with you to build a door perfectly suited to the building and surrounding environment.

The heading is made of hot-dip galvanized (HDG) steel profiles. It is designed to hold the motor reducer, including the barrel and its supporting bearings, as well as curtain fixation points.

The following heading versions are available:

  • Non-self-supporting;
  • Self-supporting – heading and curtain only
  • Self- supporting – complete door, vertical and horizontal support.

The curtain is dual leaf, made with our standard UV protected PVC fabric. The curtain is broken into sectors, each sector inserted in a double wishbone aluminum profile. These profiles are part of the horizontal trusses that slide vertically in the side columns, providing support and resistance to wind. High-density polyethylene profiles are installed at the extremities of each truss to reduce noise and friction during opening / closing. This system permits easy and quick replacement of any sector in case it gets damaged or worn out, without the need to replace the whole leaf or dismount the door.