P.M.A - Planned Maintenance Agreements

Inefficient equipment is a major cause of unexpected and inconvenient breakdowns which ultimately disrupt the workplace. At Hold Fast, we provide a planned maintenance agreement which ensures any unexpected breakdowns become a thing of the past. No more disruptions for minor fixes and no more costly, serious problems. Our regular scheduled maintenance keeps your equipment working as it should so you can focus on other, more important tasks.  

Benefits of a Planned Maintenance Agreement:

·       Industry trained technicians: Our highly efficient, industry trained technicians come prepared with the right tools, which means they  

     can troubleshoot on the spot and can often repair equipment on the same day.

·       Increased performance and operating efficiency: Regular cleaning and tune-ups ensure your machinery runs at peak performance

     every single day.

·       Eliminate machine and employee downtime: We identify any potential problems before they affect performance and production.

·       Reduce maintenance budgets: Frequent inspections mean you will save money on the small things.

·       Company Warranty: All our work at Hold Fast comes with a 12-24 month guarantee for moving parts and labour.

Door Service and Repairs

There’s nothing worse than waiting on a technician to fix a broken or underperforming door. So, at Hold Fast, we ensure our technicians respond quickly. All of our certified, factory-trained technicians are put through extensive training to ensure they can quickly and correctly diagnose and solve any problem with any high-speed door.

We take extreme pride in providing local, reliable, and comprehensive service for all your high-speed industrial doors.

Product Upgrade/Sales and Installation

At Hold Fast, we can also assist you in upgrading your doors throughout your facilities, providing you with greater efficiency and security.

Moving to a new facility? Updating your existing facility? We can help you identify the doors that best suit your needs.