This closure is the industrial technology of fold up door with ropes specially designed and branded as a product. Rapid fold up doors are made of PVC sheet with longitudinal stiffening bars which confer a never done before resistance to the wind. It provides media versatility with great impediment when it is closed thanks to the steel skeleton inside the towel. We remind you that the sheets and the structures of our products can be reserved for special custom as screen painting. provides a Great product in Great security. 
The industrial doors made by B.M.P. group are unique and not repeatable, always be wary of copies.

It adapts to all market sectors by splitting in several models:  
Rapid doors type pack 150, suitable for max size 6000(w) x 5000(h) with transverse reinforcement.
Rapid doors type pack 250, suitable for max size 9000(w) x 7000(h) with transverse reinforcement.
Rapid doors type pack 350, suitable for max size 12000(w) x 7000(h) with transverse reinforcement.

This type of rapid door is made by a perimeter galvanized steel U-shape wall, designed to accommodate the sliding of the cloth. 
All of our fold up doors are controlled by a 415V, three-phase powered control panel and are designed for high duty cycles.

The maximum size built on rapid flexible doors are 35,000(w) x  18,000(h) and with a wind resistance of 160 km/h. 

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