Our industrial range of Pack™ doors are the evolved versions of the older and heavy doors that were designed to close larger openings.

Our higher opening speeds make Pack™ doors the prime solution for larger external or internal openings.

To meet today’s industrial needs Pack™ doors are desinged with a slightly faster opening speed of up to 1m/s which is to help improve worker productivity. The high speed feature also helps cut down energy costs especially for high traffic openings.


Pack™ doors can be up to 20 metres wide and 10 metres high with a largely self-supporting frame and minimal structural support. The curtain is comprised of a tough PVC coated fabric and an extremely flexible soft bottom edge, or safety edge, to reduce the chance of worker injury. Pack™ doors have been constructed to withstand up to 150km/h winds.

Pack™ door range includes:
• Crane Pack™
• Industry Pack™
• Megapack™

Crane Pack™

Crane Pack™ is designed for industries that use overhead travelling cranes. The Crane Pack™ is used in areas where cranes need to move materials inside and outside. The door has a special shaped header panel that allows the overhead crane to pass through and be used outside the warehouse.

Industry Pack™

The Industry Pack™ door is constructed from a tough, heavy duty frame and the PVC coated curtain can withstand winds up to 150km/h. These doors are designed for intense and continuous use. Ideal to close large and versatile openings.