Our Spiral insulated doors can be used for both internal and external openings. The innovative spiral head plate design lessens general wear whilst still being a quiet and low-maintenance door.

Key Features:

•    Efficient high speed
•    Exceptional insulation
•    Sustainable door that helps lower energy costs

Cold room versions available Industry/general areas the Spiral doors are used in:

•    Loading Doors
•    External Doorways
•    Freezer Stores
•    Factories
•    Cold Stores
•    Distribution Centres

These doors are made from hollow anodized aluminium panels which are 40mm thick. Our Spiral doors have a great U-value as they are filled with PS insulation foam. This door can also come with 80mm thick panels and a heating kit to make it an efficient cold room and freezer door that saves energy. The high density polyethylene spiral head plate system allows the door curtain to roll with low-friction making it quiet and reliable. The door curtain has an opening speed of up to 2 metres per second.

Spiral models available:

•    Spiral Iso50
•    Spiral Iso80
•    Airflow