Thermicroll’s Spiral Door is a top of the range, rigid door that combines a rapid movement with your choice of non-insulated or insulated slat, or our newest perforated version that has only just been released. 

LATERAL COLUMNS: Made using galvanized steel. They can also be powder coated.

ROLLING IN SPIRAL: A patented circular rolling spiral made in high-density polyethylene.

CURTAIN: Encased with a 42mm polystyrene core in a smooth, double-skinned anodised aluminium panel which is ideal for insulation against extreme temperatures. You can also opt for a full-width polycarbonate transparent curtain.

SLIDING GUIDES: Patented design and material, made in a high density, self-lubricating polyethylene 

MOTOR:  BMP designed, tri-phased asynchronous electric motor equipped with an electro-brake made especially for intensive use.

POWER TRANSMISSION: Designed with a special function in mind with a lateral-vertical lift inside each column, which are then connected together with a heavy duty chain and a counter-balanced system for easy emergency opening.

INVERTER CONTROL BOX:  The control cabinet comes equipped with a tri-phase, 380V control card that ensures easy automatic operation and on-demand movement. It’s in-built with a self-protection function to ensure it doesn’t overload in high and low voltage situations.

DIGITAL ENCODER: Designed specifically to replace traditional mechanical limit switches, the digital encoder offers seriously high precision and reliability. It’s fully controlled by the inverter control card which self-adjusts the curtain’s limits and speed in the case of a power failure.

WIRING: Watertight IP 69 plug-n-play wiring system.

SAFETY EDGE: Located at the bottom of the curtain, the in-built safety edge acts as an anti-crushing system. It meets the UNI EN 13241-1 normative and fully complies with the necessary requirements. The safety edge is sensitive and the entire system is controlled by a wireless transmitter, receiver, and resistive wire. For an extra dose of safety, the transmitter checks the integrity of the system prior to every operation and, in the case of a failure, it will report to the control card with a corresponding warning code. Integrated in door columns, rated IP 67 - anti breakage.



·       -  U-Value <= 1,4 W/m2K;

·       -  Opening/Closing speed up to 2m/s;

·       -  Operating temperature range -30°C    +40°C

·       -  Maintenance guide;

·       -  Serial number / identification number;

·       -  24 month warranty with no limit on cycles, except parts exposed to normal wear and tear.  

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