253 Modular Combidock Leveller

The latest generation of electro-hydraulic Combidock Levellers with segmented (3 part) telescopic sliding lip.

The continuously variable 6-way control knob controls all the platform movements, as well as the telescopic slide valves that can be moved into any position.

The hydraulic unit activates both the platform and the slide valve independently.  The controls are extremely easy to operate. 

A selection is made for either 60 kN or the 20 kN mode by the pressing of one buttons.

Key Advantages of the 253 Modular Combidock Leveller

Key Advantages of the 253 Modular Combidock Leveller

• 3 segment lip, tapered lip both sides to suit both semi-trailers and vans.
• 20 – 60KN with variable dynamic capacity to suit semi-trailers and small vans.
• Superior COLD CHAIN applications can operate in temperatures between -30 and +50 Celsius.
• Allows for more efficient building design & superior Cold Chain ISO dock configurations.
• Substantial savings through dramatically reduced energy consumption costs.
• Eliminate trip hazards in manual container de stuffing applications between dock face and vehicle floor through ability to precisely position lip in the back of the trailer without risking damage to stock.
• Powder Coated Finish comes standard, Hot Dip Galvanised options also available.
• Deck plate manufactured from Durbar plate offering superior slip resistance and durability.
• Compatible with all BMP door products for easy integration with door packages.
• Interface with traffic lights, wheel chocks, vehicle restraint and protection systems.
• Heavy duty steel supports for transverse movements (cross traffic)
• Over 50 yrs. of engineering and manufacturing experience in proven design.


The 253 offers a working reach of 1300mm long, available pit mounted or in a self-supporting lower frame. The dock leveller deck can “twist” and compensate for vehicle “tilt” caused by set loads of the vehicle bed.

Dynamic rollover capacity is the gross load that can be safely rolled into the rear of the trailer/Van.
The unique feature of the Combidock is the ability to switch between capacities for either semi-trailer (60KN) or delivery Vans (20KN). In 20KN mode, the dock leveller’s hydraulics compensate for the weight of the leveller to ensure small delivery van suspension is not overloaded.
Selection for the type of vehicle is made via a 6-position control knob with “auto return”, and an audible alarm will sound should the 20kn capacity be exceeded when in the 20KN mode.

The platform deck as well as the lip are hydraulically actuated via a completely closed hydraulic system adding to the life of the hydraulics through reduction in maintenance issues from ingress of dust and contaminants in the harshest environments.

Power & Protection 3 Phase, 415VAC, 50 Hertz, 24VDC Control, IP 65



By holding down the ‘up-button’, the platform rises from the rest position up to the desired height. With the ‘out-button’ the slide can be slid against the lorry or delivery van floor to the desired position.
Once the button is released, the platform lowers, and the slide automatically goes to the level of the lorry floor.
While in the 60 kN mode during loading and unloading, the up and down movements of the lorry (suspension) are automatically followed.
While in the 20 kN mode, the leveller weight is compensated so that a maximum of 100 kg is put on the delivery van. This occurs whenever the delivery van rises up when the load is no longer on the leveller.
The extended position of the telescopic slide valve is fixed and cannot be pushed back, which prevents the slide valve from sliding back from the lorry floor when loading or unloading. Once the loading or unloading is complete, the Dock Leveller can simply put back to the rest position using a single button (R button). As soon as the 253NG is in the rest position, the robust supporting legs allow cross traffic.

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