Logistics & Warehousing

More Australians shopped online than ever before in 2020. Around four in five households – that’s almost nine million – purchased online at some point during the year. Every month during 2020, an average of around 1 million additional households shopped online compared to 2019.

With all this online activity, purchase volumes soared. Australians spent an incredible $50.46 billion online over the year, up from $32.1 billion in 2019 and accounting for 16.3% of retail spend (excluding cafes, restaurants, and takeaway food)

The supply chain is expanding. Meeting the demands of the rapidly growing need for more warehouse and distribution space is an ongoing challenge. Australia currently has roughly 9,000 commercial warehousing facilities, which comprise 1.9 billion square meters of space. As these facilities grow to accommodate consumer demands, so do their facilities. Having the appropriate loading dock and in-plant equipment can help improve employee safety and company-wide productivity.

A warehouse or distribution centre should consider:

Hydraulic/ Sliding Lip Dock Levellers that provides safety and reliability with a smooth transition from the facility floor to the trailer

Self-repairing high-speed doors for moving products quickly and safely through a facility

Synchronous dock communication systems and software to help loading dock and warehouse communication in real-time

High Velocity, Low Speed (HVLS) Fans to assist efficiently in temperature control


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