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The leading supplier of commercial doors and solutions

The leading supplier of commercial doors and solutions

Nestled in the bustling city of Brisbane and extending its expertise across QLD, NSW, and VIC, Hold Fast Industries has cemented itself as the foremost provider of commercial doors and solutions. With a decade in the Australian industry under our belt, our vast clientele, which includes several blue-chip giants, is a testament to our commitment and prowess.

A wide range of commercial doors to choose from, for every industry

A wide range of commercial doors to choose from, for every industry

At Hold Fast Industries, our portfolio of doors is both extensive and specialized. Here are some of the categories we excel in:

High-Speed Roller Doors

From Hangar Doors designed meticulously for aviation needs to Mining Doors that stand resilient against the harshest environments. Not to mention our prowess in Cold Storage Doors, such as Freezer, Chiller, and the exclusive ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL variants.

Sliding Doors

The BUTZBACH® SLIDING HANGAR is a testament to our commitment to bringing 100% Italian-made premium products to the Australian shores.

Self-repairing Fabric Doors

Our premium, high-end products include a unique selling proposition – the self-repairing fabric doors that not only offer longevity but also minimize the hassle of frequent maintenance.

Industrial Doors

The DynamicRoll™ B-Drive and B-Drive SP represent our dedication to providing robust, efficient, and technologically advanced industrial door solutions.

Glass Entry Doors

For businesses looking to make a statement right at the entrance, our elegant and sturdy glass entry doors provide the right blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Fire Resistant Doors

Safety is paramount, and our range of fire-resistant doors are designed to contain flames and prevent the spread, ensuring the safety of infrastructure and occupants.

Soundproof Doors

In environments where noise isolation is crucial, our soundproof doors provide the perfect solution, ensuring a peaceful and productive atmosphere.

Committed to quality and service

Committed to quality and service

Our conviction is not just limited to offering top-tier products. The ethos of Hold Fast Industries lies in a client-first approach. We value long-term relationships and aim to build them with every transaction, making it relational rather than merely transactional.

Reactive Service

When breakdowns or malfunctions strike, our service team is poised to respond swiftly. Armed with a comprehensive range of spare parts, our technicians ensure most faults are rectified in a single call. If multiple visits are needed, your access way remains safe and secure until completion.

Proactive Service

We understand the pivotal role doors play in your business – from security to efficiency. Our Progressive Maintenance Agreements are designed to offer you peace of mind, ensuring that every door operates at its optimal potential.

Custom Solutions

Every business has unique needs. Our team of experts can provide custom door solutions tailored to your specific requirements, ensuring both functionality and style.

Training Sessions

We believe in empowering our clients. Hold Fast offers training sessions for maintenance staff, ensuring they have the knowledge to handle minor glitches without waiting for expert intervention.

24/7 Support

Understanding the unpredictable nature of business operations, our support team is available round the clock, ensuring you’re never left stranded.

Innovative Technologies

At Hold Fast, we’re always looking forward, adopting and integrating the latest door technologies to provide advanced and efficient solutions.

Competitive prices and expert installation

Competitive prices and expert installation

Investing in commercial doors is a significant business decision. At Hold Fast Industries, we understand this and offer competitive prices without compromising on quality. Our Italian-made products offer a luxurious feel, and with our warranty, contingent upon our exclusive service and maintenance, the value is unbeatable.

When it comes to installation, our experienced team ensures a seamless integration of the door systems into your facility, enhancing the functional and aesthetic appeal.

Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

Sustainable Solutions for a Greener Future

At Hold Fast Industries, we deeply comprehend the significance of sustainability in the modern era. This is precisely why we are fully committed to offering eco-friendly door solutions that not only help minimize your carbon footprint but also contribute to long-term cost savings.

Solar Powered Doors

Our doors are powered by solar energy, harnessing renewable sources to operate. This not only reduces your reliance on electricity but also helps lower your energy bills.

Energy-efficient Materials

Our door designs prioritize the use of energy-efficient materials, including insulated panels and low-emissivity glass. These choices not only minimize heat loss but also promote energy conservation. By incorporating these elements, we ensure that our products contribute to a sustainable and eco-friendly environment.

Recyclable Components

As part of our dedication to waste reduction, we strive to incorporate recyclable components into our door systems whenever feasible. This not only minimizes our environmental footprint but also facilitates future maintenance and repairs, ensuring long-lasting functionality.

Partnering with Hold Fast Industries for a Sustainable Future

Partnering with Hold Fast Industries for a Sustainable Future

When you select Hold Fast Industries as your commercial door provider, you’re not only investing in top-notch products and services, but also contributing to a greener, more sustainable future. Together, we can build a brighter tomorrow, one door at a time. Let’s collaborate towards a better world for generations to come.

Your one-stop shop for all your commercial door needs

Your one-stop shop for all your commercial door needs

From our dynamic range of brands, including the innovative DynamicRoll®, the efficient ThermicRoll®, the versatile PACK™, and the reliable LABEL™, we proudly serve as your comprehensive solution provider. Additionally, as the exclusive distributor of BMP products in Australia, we offer an unparalleled selection to meet all your needs.

Continuous Improvement

At Hold Fast Industries, we are committed to continual improvement of our products and services. Our dedicated R&D team is continuously researching and developing innovative technologies to enhance the efficiency, durability, and sustainability of our doors. We firmly believe in staying ahead of the competition and delivering state-of-the-art solutions that cater to our clients’ evolving requirements.

Industry Expertise

At Hold Fast Industries, we bring decades of experience in the commercial door industry, showcasing our unparalleled expertise and knowledge. We possess a deep understanding of the diverse challenges that businesses encounter, allowing us to deliver tailored solutions that effectively address their needs. Our extensive experience sets us apart as a market leader, ensuring top-notch quality and service.

Collaborative Approach

At Hold Fast Industries, we firmly believe that collaboration is the cornerstone of success. We forge close partnerships with our clients, diligently assessing their unique needs and delivering tailor-made solutions. Moreover, our team of seasoned professionals collaborates seamlessly with architects, engineers, and contractors, guaranteeing the smooth installation and integration of our products into any project.

Comprehensive Servicing

At our company, we go above and beyond to deliver exceptional products and provide comprehensive servicing to guarantee the longevity and optimal performance of your doors. Our maintenance agreements encompass regular inspections, repairs, and replacements as necessary. With our top-notch servicing, you can have peace of mind knowing that your doors will stay in impeccable condition for years to come.

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