Emergency and Safety Doors

Your Assurance of Secure Exit and Safety

Your Assurance of Secure Exit and Safety

Navigating through the complex, yet essential, world of emergency and safety doors, Hold Fast Industries, operating from Brisbane and extending our steadfast services across QLD, NSW, and VIC, stands as a beacon of reliability, safety, and quality.

Types of Safety Doors

Navigating Through a Spectrum of Safety

  • Fire Doors: Ensuring a staunch resistance against fire, these doors safeguard fire escape pathways, ensuring they remain uncompromised in the event of a fire.
  • Smoke Doors: A vital component in emergency evacuation, these doors prevent smoke from permeating through buildings, safeguarding escape routes and minimizing inhalation risks.
  • Panic Exit Doors: Fitted with push bars and clear exit signs, these doors ensure a swift and smooth exit during emergencies, prioritizing quick egress.
  • Access Control Doors: Tailored for both safety and security, these doors control access while ensuring a clear escape route during emergencies.
  • Blast Doors: Engineered for extreme conditions, providing a robust shield against explosions and hazardous impacts.
How to Choose the Right Emergency and Safety Doors

How to Choose the Right Emergency and Safety Doors

Ensuring Compliance, Safety, and Reliability

Factors to Consider When Choosing Emergency and Safety Doors
  • Code Compliance: Adherence to building and safety codes, ensuring your emergency doors comply with regulatory standards.
  • Fire Rating: An essential metric, determining the duration a door can withstand fire and protect fire exit doors pathways.
  • Material: Opting for materials like steel frames which balance durability with functionality, ensuring a sturdy yet practical emergency door.
  • Features: Incorporating features like visible exit signs, ensuring clarity and ease of use during emergencies.
  • Budget: Navigating through options that align with your financial framework without compromising on safety and compliance.
Maintenance and Inspection of Emergency and Safety Doors

Maintenance and Inspection of Emergency and Safety Doors

A Pivotal Element in Ensuring Persistent Safety

Importance of Regular Maintenance and Inspection

A meticulous maintenance regime is not just about compliance but a commitment to safety, ensuring that in the moment of need, your emergency exits perform flawlessly.

What to Look for During a Maintenance Inspection

Attention to aspects like the integrity of fire escape pathways, functionality of push bar mechanisms, visibility of exit signs, and overall structural integrity during inspections ensures that every component of your safety door system is in peak operational condition.

How to Schedule a Maintenance Inspection

With a commitment to safety and operational integrity, scheduling a maintenance inspection is seamless with Hold Fast Industries. For detailed, meticulous, and reliable inspections, please contact our team of experts, ensuring your emergency doors are a steadfast safeguard in times of need.

Ensuring an environment where safety is not just a compliance checklist but a commitment, Hold Fast Industries not only provides emergency and safety doors but ensures a pathway, clear, safe, and secure, in moments where every second counts.

Feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, and inquiries in the comments below. For a deeper dive into our range of safety and emergency doors, or to explore custom solutions tailored to your unique requirements, please contact us, and let’s ensure that every exit, in times of calm or emergency, is secure, safe, and steadfast.

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