Aviation, Mining & Naval

Harsh environments command robust entrance systems. Whatever the dimension, however unique the site requirements, Hold Fast can supply you with products covering almost any opening, including heavy vehicle workshops, wash bays, and maintenance facilities.

Hold Fast offers extensive knowledge and experience working on mine sites, site safety, and mining door installation. 

Large scale doors must be suited for installation to massive openings, exposure to high wind loads and harsh environments. Our hangar doors are an excellent choice for new door installations and bringing older hangars into the modern age. 

The MegaPack™ range is suited for aircraft hangars, open-cut coal mines, shipyard facilities, and rough seaside environments. Due to each applications individual design and structure, the hangar door is highly wind-resistant. Multiple drive motors are utilised to exceed the safety demands of large-scale manufacturing, mining and industrial applications.

MegaPack™ Doors are designed with minimal moving parts to ensure ongoing service and maintenance costs are kept to an absolute minimum. There is almost no limitation to size or configuration. In multiple door design, daylight widths are unlimited.

Our entire MegaPack™ range is tightly sealed and well insulated, offering superior durability and significant energy savings. Our doors combat not only high winds but also drenching downpours and corrosive seawater. With our translucent material options on our hangar doors, they even help you get the most out of natural light.


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