Spiral Doors

What are Spiral Doors?

What are Spiral Doors?

Spiral doors, an innovative leap in the access way equipment industry, combine the benefits of high-speed functionality and robust design. These doors are distinguished by their unique spiral mechanism, which facilitates rapid opening speeds without compromising security or aesthetic appeal. Hold Fast Industries, with its decade-long presence in the Australian industry, specializes in these high speed spiral doors, ensuring a seamless blend of functionality, safety, and design.

Benefits of Spiral Doors

Benefits of Spiral Doors

High Speed and Efficiency

Unlike traditional doors, spiral doors operate at unmatched opening speeds, enhancing the flow of traffic and reducing waiting times. This is especially vital in industrial settings where efficiency is paramount.

Thermal Insulation and Energy Efficiency

One of the standout features of spiral doors is their exceptional thermal insulation. They’re ideal for areas like cold storage, where maintaining temperature is crucial. Furthermore, the efficient insulation properties reduce energy costs by preventing unnecessary heat transfer.

Security and Durability

Spiral doors aren’t just about speed and insulation. They’re robust security doors built to withstand high wind conditions and potential security threats. Their resilient door blade design ensures long-lasting durability, giving businesses peace of mind.

Space-saving Design

In places where space is a premium, spiral doors shine. Their design is inherently space-saving, allowing businesses to maximize the utility of their premises without compromising on door functionality.

Reduced Maintenance Needs

Thanks to their high-end design and self-repairing fabric products, spiral doors often require less frequent maintenance compared to traditional doors, saving businesses time and money in the long run.

Noise Reduction

The structure of spiral doors provides excellent noise isolation, making them ideal for environments where noise control is essential, be it factories, warehouses, or commercial setups.

Types of Spiral Doors

Types of Spiral Doors

Hold Fast Industries offers a wide range of spiral doors tailored to different needs:

  1. ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL ISO20 & ISO50: Premium doors designed for maximum thermal insulation.
  2. SPIRAL Airflow: Combining efficient air circulation with the benefits of a spiral door.
  3. DynamicRoll™ B-Drive & B-Drive SP: A blend of high-speed functionality and robust security.
  4. DynamicRoll® Fire: Engineered specifically to be fire-resistant, these doors add an extra layer of safety to any establishment.
  5. ThermicRoll® Acoustic: Designed for sound-sensitive areas, they offer impeccable noise isolation.
  6. PACK™ Industrial: Tailored for industrial setups requiring swift access and secure closure.

Every product underscores our commitment to quality with 100% Italian-made designs, emphasizing our position as a premium brand in the market.

Spiral Door Applications

Spiral Door Applications

Our spiral doors cater to various industries, with some notable applications being:

  • Hangar Doors: Ideal for aviation facilities, these doors withstand intense conditions while ensuring swift open and close operations.
  • Mining Doors: Built for rugged environments, they offer reliability and durability in challenging settings.
  • Cold Storage, Freezer, and Chiller Doors: Tailored for thermal control, these doors are essential for businesses storing perishable items.
  • Retail Outlets: Where the balance of aesthetic appeal and function is paramount, our spiral doors shine.
  • Manufacturing Units: Streamlining the production flow with fast-access doors that minimize downtime.
  • Automotive Showrooms: Allowing seamless vehicle movement while preserving the elegance of the display.

While our general geographic focus spans QLD/NSW/VIC, our mining doors are available nationally, catering to businesses across Australia.

Spiral Door Specifications

Spiral Door Specifications

The specifications of our spiral doors align with our promise of quality:

  • Door Blade Material: Crafted from resilient materials ensuring durability.
  • Opening Speeds: Engineered for rapid open and close, reducing wait times.
  • Security Features: Equipped with advanced locking mechanisms for enhanced safety.
  • Insulation Properties: Premium thermal insulation capabilities, ideal for temperature-sensitive environments.
  • Wind Resistance: Tested to withstand high wind conditions, ensuring stability in diverse weather scenarios.
  • Safety Protocols: Integrated with safety sensors and anti-crash systems to prevent accidents during operations.

Our doors are distinguished in the market by the inclusion of self-repairing fabric products, offering a unique selling proposition that sets us apart from competitors.

Spiral Door Installation and Maintenance

Spiral Door Installation and Maintenance

Hold Fast Industries isn’t just about selling doors; we believe in building lasting relationships. Our client-first approach ensures every door we sell is backed by comprehensive support. Whether it’s installation, reactive service in case of malfunctions, or proactive service to ensure optimal operation, we’ve got you covered.

Furthermore, our doors are accompanied by an exceptional warranty, which is subject to the exclusive service and maintenance provided by our team of experts.

Why Choose Hold Fast Industries for Your Spiral Doors?

Why Choose Hold Fast Industries for Your Spiral Doors?

At Hold Fast Industries, we pride ourselves on being more than just a door provider; we’re your partner in ensuring seamless and secure operations. With our long-standing presence in the industry, especially in Brisbane, servicing QLD, NSW, and VIC, we’ve cultivated a reputation for delivering excellence. Here’s what sets us apart:

Expertise in High-Speed Spiral Doors

Our specialization in high speed spiral doors places us a notch above the rest. Our doors are not only functional but also aesthetic marvels, designed to augment the look of any facility.

Customization at Its Best

Every business has unique needs, and we understand that. That’s why we offer a wide range of options, from door blade materials to various opening speeds, ensuring that our doors align perfectly with your operational requirements.

State-of-the-Art Technology

Our doors are not just about the hardware; they come equipped with advanced technology that ensures smooth open and close operations. The tech-driven approach makes our products future-proof, ready to serve businesses in the coming years.

Commitment to Client Relationships

We don’t see our interactions as mere transactions. Our ethos is built around fostering long-term client relationships. This relational approach ensures that our customers always have a reliable partner in us.

Proactive Maintenance Agreements

While our doors are built to last, routine maintenance ensures they always function at their peak. Our Progressive Maintenance Agreements give businesses peace of mind, knowing that their doors are always in optimal condition, ensuring security, efficiency, and safety.

Swift Reactive Services

Should you encounter any malfunctions, our team is equipped to provide reactive service promptly. We ensure that most faults are rectified in a single call out, testament to our commitment to minimizing any potential downtime for your business.

An Emblem of Quality and Trust

Hold Fast Industries stands as the sole Australian distributor for BMP products. This collaboration underscores our dedication to offering only the best in the market. Furthermore, our products, 100% Italian-made, emphasize our position as a premium brand, bringing international quality to the Australian shores.

Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Our doors are more than just access points; they’re gateways to efficiency, security, and aesthetic brilliance. If you’re looking to upgrade or invest in spiral doors, there’s no better partner than Hold Fast Industries. Dive deep into our product range, and you’ll understand why we remain unmatched in the world of access way equipment.

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