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Aircraft hangars are a crucial part of the aviation industry. Ensuring the safety, accessibility, and protection of valuable aircraft requires a door system that’s robust, reliable, and efficient. Hold Fast Industries, operating as a premium provider in Brisbane and servicing QLD, NSW, and VIC, specializes in offering top-notch Hangar Doors that meet and exceed industry standards.

Types of Hangar Doors in Australia

Types of Hangar Doors in Australia

Australia, with its burgeoning aviation sector, has witnessed the evolution of various types of hangar doors:

  • Sliding Doors: Consisting of multiple leafs that slide on tracks to the sides of the hangar.
  • Hoist Up Fabric Doors: These utilize a mechanism to hoist up fabric, ensuring minimal side space usage.
  • Bi-Fold Doors: Doors that fold in half while opening, typically moving upwards.

Benefits of Using Hangar Doors in Australia

Choosing the right hangar door offers numerous advantages:

  • Space Maximization: Especially with sliding doors and hoist up fabric options, the efficient use of space ensures maximum utilization of the hangar.
  • Security: A robust hangar door system ensures that your valuable aircraft and equipment are protected from external threats.
  • Customization: Modern hangar doors offer customization, allowing for windows, specific sizes, or colors.
Different Types of Hangar Doors Available in Australia

Different Types of Hangar Doors Available in Australia

Diverse aviation needs necessitate the availability of varied hangar doors:

  • Jet Hangar Doors: Specifically designed for larger aircraft, ensuring height and width cater to jets.
  • Helicopter Hangar Doors: These are tailored for helicopters, often requiring less height but more width.
  • Small Aircraft Hangar Doors: For private planes or drones, these doors are compact yet efficient.

How to Choose the Right Hangar Door for Your Aircraft

Picking the right door is crucial for the longevity of your aircraft:

  • Size: Ensure the door accommodates the full wingspan and height of your aircraft.
  • Mechanism: Depending on space and preference, choose between sliding doors, bi-fold, or hoist up fabric.
  • Weatherproofing: Given Australia’s varied climate, ensure the door offers adequate insulation and weatherproofing.
Hangar Door Installation and Maintenance

Hangar Door Installation and Maintenance

Installing a hangar door requires precision and expertise. Hold Fast Industries, with its extensive experience, guarantees a seamless installation process. Post-installation, regular maintenance checks ensure the longevity and efficiency of the door system.

Hangar Door Repair

Accidents or wear and tear might necessitate repairs. Our reactive service ensures a quick response to any malfunction. With our team’s comprehensive range of spare parts, most issues are resolved in a single call out.

Hangar Door Costs

Costs vary based on size, type, and additional features. However, investing in a high-quality door ensures long-term savings in maintenance and energy costs.

Hangar Door Suppliers in Australia

Hangar Door Suppliers in Australia

While several suppliers offer hangar doors, Hold Fast Industries stands out with its 100% Italian-made premium products, a decade-long legacy in Australia, and a clientele that boasts blue-chip companies.

Hangar Door Installation Companies in Australia

Installation is as crucial as the product itself. With our dedicated team of professionals, Hold Fast Industries not only provides the door but also ensures its impeccable installation, reinforcing our commitment to quality and excellence.

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Get In Touch

Hangar doors, more than just an access point, are a statement of security, efficiency, and professionalism. Dive into a world of premium quality with Hold Fast Industries. Share your thoughts, experiences, or queries in the comments below. Together, let’s elevate the standards of aviation infrastructure.

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