The perfect high-speed door always moves in rhythm with your work processes.

With its horizontal opening principle, the NOVOSPRINT® high-speed door is the ideal solution for all enterprises that attach great importance on efficiency, profitability and reliable protection.

Butzbach® developed this revolutionary high-speed door with the horizontal opening principle already more than 30 years ago.

Instead of rolling upwards, the door skins open laterally in a matter of seconds and immediately provide a clear view of the space behind. The NOVOSPRINT® high-speed door helps to reduce your operating costs to a minimum by consistently avoiding collisions. To emphasize the long-time quality, we can guarantee 500,000 opening cycles during the first two years of operation.

Advantages of the NOVOSPRINT®

Advantages of the NOVOSPRINT®

  • Patented and superior closing ‘drop down’ seal
  • FULL opening height immediately
  • Collision almost impossible
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs
  • Safe operation
  • Extremely low ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • Variable opening and closing speeds
  • Elimination of condensation of water droplets off door
  • Smooth and quite operation


The NOVOSPRINT® Syncro is the double-wing, synchronous and side-opening high-speed door. With spring force, both door leaves are opened simultaneously and rolled up in a compact upright profile. The NOVOSPRINT high-speed door reaches an opening speed of up to 5 m/s which is ideal for fast logistic processes, forklift traffic and airlocks.


NOVOSPRINT® Mono specially developed as a one-sided rolling high-speed door for narrow passages or other very restricted space conditions. The door requires only minimal installation space and is ideal for limited installation situations and highly frequented aisles. The door enables fast, unhindered, and, if needed, contact-free passage. In contrast to hinged and sliding doors, our door does not require any space for pivoting or parking areas.


NOVOSPRINT® Duo provides two independently controllable door wings in one door opening. They enable the safe separation of vehicle and passenger traffic or, if required, can create a two-lane forklift passage. And whenever you need the entire door width, you can also use both door wings simultaneously. The NOVOSPRINT Duo can be retrofitted to existing buildings at any time and often saves the expensive installation of a separate pedestrian door

Increased efficiency

With precisely adjustable opening times, the NOVOSPRINT® high-speed door guarantees smooth-running logistic processes. The fast opening and closing times reduce air exchange, prevent unnecessary heat loss, and lower your energy consumption.

Increased profitability

NOVOSPRINT® high-speed doors have been proven their durability and reliability around the world for many years now. Even under the harshest conditions, they can offer an extremely long lifespan with low maintenance costs. This way, NOVOSPRINT® high-speed doors support your logistics with millions of opening cycles.

Increased safety

NOVOSPRINT® high-speed doors are the best choice for enterprises which attach great importance to safety and reliable accident prevention. Thanks to the simultaneous lateral rolling door wings, the entire door height is available in a fraction of a second. The vision panel always remains at eye level. The driver can keep an eye on the door and the area behind the door at all times, avoiding dangerous braking and collisions with the partially opened door wings.


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