Dock Leveller – Loading Systems 233 Telescopic Lip

The Power Ramp 233 is the newest generation electro-hydraulic dock leveller including a hydraulically operated sliding (telescopic) lip.

The 233 telescopic lip offers some unique advantages in Cold Chain Compliant Dock Configuration over the more traditional horizontal & vertical sing lip levellers allowing for a more usable floor footprint in the building design whilst maintaining a 100% seal of the building to the ambient outside air.

With the ISO dock configuration, the external facing dock door can close in front of the leveller whilst still maintaining maximum protection of the building through the unique building pit design offering great protection from vehicle impacts to door and wall structures.

Advantages of the 233 Dock Leveller

Advantages of the 233 Dock Leveller

• Superior COLD CHAIN application, can operate in temperatures between -30 and +50 Celsius
• Allows for more efficient building design & superior Cold Chain ISO dock configurations.
• Substantial savings through dramatically reduced energy consumption costs.
• Eliminate trip hazards in manual container de stuffing applications between dock face trailer.
• Reduce risk of lip damaging stock with ability to precisely position lip in rear of vehicle.
• Powder Coated Finish comes standard, Hot Dip Galvanised options also available.
• Deck plate manufactured from Durbar plate offering superior slip resistance and durability.
• Pit construction including hang or cast in place systems save construction and installation costs.
• Compatible with all BMP door products for easy integration with door packages.
• Interface with traffic lights, wheel chocks, vehicle restraint and protection systems.
• Capacity to suit even the harshest of applications.
• Heavy duty steel supports for transverse movements (cross traffic)
• Over 50 yrs. of engineering and manufacturing experience in proven design.

The 233 offers a lip length of up to 1000mm long with a self-cleaning construction made of high-quality durbar plate, great slip resistance, durability.
The rear 3 hinge of the deck is strengthened along the leveller’s length with 10-12 set profiles.
The 233’s deck can “twist” and compensate for vehicle “tilt” up to100mm from the horizontal.
The 233 has been designed with a robust front channel for absorbing forces where end loads are being loaded below dock height.

Dynamic rollover capacity is the actual load that can be safely rolled into the rear of the trailer.
Two standard capacities available including 60KN and 100KN capacities offering a solution to suit almost any application. Heavier capacities can be designed and supplied upon request.

The platform deck & lip are hydraulically actuated via a completely closed hydraulic system reducing maintenance & increasing safety.
Over dimensioned, chrome hardened cylinders off the added advantage of a low working pressure of approximately 100 bars for superior longevity and reliability.

Power & Protection
3 Phase, 415VAC, 50 Hertz, 24VDC Control, IP 65



4-switch operation, movement of the platform and telescopic lip can be individually controlled & accurately moved to the required position in the rear of the truck/trailer.
Press the “raise push button” the platform goes up from the rest position until it reaches the correct loading height just above floor level of the vehicle floor.
Press “lip out push button” lip slides onto the truck floor until the desired position in rear of vehicle is obtained.
When the button is released, the platform and lip will descend automatically to the level of the vehicle bed.
The telescopic lip is fixed into position after being extended to avoid the lip from moving away from the truck floor during loading and unloading. Vehicle suspension is automatically followed as deck “floats” to follow the movement of the vehicle.
After the loading and unloading is completed, the dock leveller 233 can be returned to the rest position by a single button, the “R-button”.

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