DynamicRoll™ CB230

The DynamicRoll® range is our most versatile and best-selling high-speed door. This all-rounder can be used both indoors and outdoors and in almost any sector. The DynamicRoll™ design provides an efficient, low cost, pleasant, and safe working environment.

Key Advantages of the DynamicRoll® CB230

Key Advantages of the DynamicRoll® CB230

  • TRULY self-repairing with no manual intervention from the human hand required
  • Highest air permeability rating on any fabric door
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs
  • Safe operation
  • Counterweight as standard
  • Magnetic seals
  • 17 Curtain colours to choose from
  • FDA Approved fabric available
  • Anti-Static Curtain available
  • Motor and controls are mounted internally to frame
  • Extremely low ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • Variable opening and closing speeds

The DynamicRoll® Cleanroom CB series is the ideal high-speed door for any cleanroom or pressure-controlled environment where air purity is required to remain at the highest of quality.

Minimal air displacement Air movement to and from the cleanroom increases the risk of contamination and pressure loss. The DynamicRoll® Cleanroom CB230 minimizes air movement in your cleanroom by its rapid operation of the doors (up to 2.5 m / s) and with the doors patented magnetic seal design. The result is the threshold to the cleanroom being open for the shortest possible time and less pressure loss with a heavily reduced risk of contamination by air displacement. Due to the almost perfect seal, this also applies in the closed position. Optimal hygiene Minimal air movement ensures better hygiene and the compact design of the frame construction designed with this in mind. The frame and covers of the DynamicRoll® Cleanroom are available in stainless steel 441, 304 or stainless steel 316. The frequency-controlled motor mounts wholly concealed in the frame for optimal sterility.

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