DynamicRoll™ ONE

The DynamicRoll® range is our most versatile and best-selling high-speed door. This all-rounder can be used both indoors and outdoors and in almost any sector. The DynamicRoll™ design provides an efficient, low cost, pleasant, and safe working environment.

Key Advantages of the DynamicRoll® ONE

Key Advantages of the DynamicRoll® ONE

  • TRULY self-repairing with no manual intervention from the human hand required
  • SUPERIOR perimeter seal
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs
  • Safe operation
  • Extremely low ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • Variable opening and closing speeds
  • Extremely simplistic install and commission process


DynamicRoll™ ONE door comes standard with a TRULY self-repairing 1300gsm PVC fabric curtain, soft bottom edge and two rows of crystal PVC viewing windows.

Construction is by galvanized steel and include a motor cover, top roll and column covers. As an option the frame can be powder-coated or constructed from 304, 316 or 441 grade stainless steel. The control system of the ONE is much more simplistic and will be found mounted on the motor of the door and is fitted with an industrial plug allowing quick and easy connection to mains power. This system allows for an easy and fast installation along with a simplistic commissioning sequence.

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