The CUBE is the perfect solution when there is only limited space.
The CUBE sections concertina compactly behind the structural opening, therefore a limited depth for the installation is not a problem.

The CUBE is available with A40 (aluminium), if required combined with S40 (steel), sections. The use of aluminium sections means that the door can be designed with extensive creative freedom. We only use high-quality components to ensure a long and trouble-free life.

Key Advantages of the HFI CUBE

Key Advantages of the HFI CUBE

The CUBE is characterised by:

Compact installation

Very suitable for installation in combination with a crane track

Vehicle lifts can be installed immediately behind the door

High-quality aluminium profiles

Strong and stable

Simple to maintain




The CUBE is supplied as standard with anodised aluminium A40 sections.
The colour can be tailored to your wishes. The sections can be powder coated in more or less any conceivable colour. You can choose from many possible fillings, completely blank to transparent glazing. The A40 sections can be combined with S40 steel sandwich sections.
More or less every wish can be translated into an appropriate solution.

The CUBE always has an EVEN number of sections where each section in a pair (2 sections) always has the same height (at the maximum 650 mm). For each pair of sections, one section always has the hinges on the outside. The spring system is ALWAYS pre-mounted on a box section that can be quickly and simply installed.


When designing the CUBE, safety was at the forefront. The CUBE industrial door meets the CE requirements laid down in the European guideline for industrial doors (NEN-EN 13241-1). In combination with a drive, you can choose from various safety devices and operating options.


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