Ceiling Mount HVLS Industrial Fan

The BIG BLACK range of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans generate a gentle, slow-moving airstream that covers a large area even when they are installed in a very high ceiling.

They are designed to effectively cool occupants in large commercial and industrial spaces and eliminate the build-up of hot stagnant air by maintaining constant air movement. They can also be used in colder months to de-stratify a space by distributing warm air down from the ceiling towards floor level.

Key Advantages of the HVLS FANS Ceiling Mount

Key Advantages of the HVLS FANS Ceiling Mount

• Compact and energy efficient EC motor
• Can be connected to a Building Management System (BMS)
• Gearless motor ensures quiet operation
• IP65 class protection rated motor
• 5 high performance aerofoil shaped blades
• Aerodynamically shaped winglets to enhance performance and reduce noise
• Comes standard with 800mm extension tube. 400mm and 1500mm extension tube also available
• Four stabilizing wire cables are provided standard
• For extra safety an additional high strength security wire cable connects fan to building structure
• Optional wall mounted touchscreen, multi-fan controller available.


High efficiency EC brushless motor ceiling fans specifically designed for industrial, commercial and agriculture applications where high air volume and low rotation speed are needed.


The HVLS Series features an energy efficient EC motor that is compact and can be connected to a Building Management System (BMS). This technically advanced 3 phase motor includes a gearless system which ensures quiet operation and reliable performance. This quality motor has an IP65 class protection rating which means it is protected from dust and low pressure projected water.


See the BIG BLACK HVLS fan come up against a steel pole on a forklift.

The fans are almost indestructible and ensure safety for your employees and workplace.

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