Portable/ Floor Mount HVLS Industrial Fan

BIG BLACK ‘Switch Blade’ is a completely portable 2m diameter fan combining the advanced technology of our High-Volume Low Speed (HVLS) ceiling fans into a portable option suitable for every facility.

Key Advantages of the Portable/ Floor Mount HVLS Industrial Fan

Key Advantages of the Portable/ Floor Mount HVLS Industrial Fan

– Indoor and Outdoor use with IP55
– Comparable airflow of greater than 20
high speed fans
– So quiet at only 43Db
– Energy efficient only 0.4KW at full
– Variable speed drive from 0 – 220RPM – 4 x lockable wheels
– Modular installation
– Perfect for low ceilings


Create a cooler breeze through your industrial building – position by one open door and flow through to the other, pushing cooler air throughout the building.

Ideal for low ceiling structures or where different work areas are used at different times during the day; this allows easy portability for airflow where you need it most.

Windspeed / Coverage Explanation

The wind speed in every area is different.
The shadow parts show the cooling area of the fan. The darker the shadow, the faster the wind speed is.

The air dispersion is up to 24m, the equivalent of more than a whole basketball court.

Within the distance of 24m, the speed decreases from 7m/s to 0.9m/s (the longer, the slower)
The data is obtained at the max speed of motor. The motor is stepless speed control, the speed range is 0-220rpm/min.

HVLS FANS Portable/ Floor Mount

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