Manual Wheel Chock – 990 with vehicle sensor

The 990 Manual wheel chock is a low-cost solution allowing for a simple communication line between Vehicles and the loading bay.
When ordered in conjunction with our any of our dock leveller or inflatable dock shelters, our chock is 100% compatible with the system meaning you can have a low cost, reliable communication device to help increase safety and communication in your facility.

990 Manual Wheel Chock Operation

990 Manual Wheel Chock Operation

Vehicle parks at the loading bay.
Operator chocks the wheel chock (chock sensor is now made)
Operator can now open the dock door and operated the dock leveller to complete loading & unloading as required.
If the chock is removed from the trailer wheel at anytime whilst dock door is open or dock leveller not in its cross traffic stowed position, an audible alarm will alert the operator to a potential vehicle departure event.
Once the leveller is stowed and dock door closed, operator may remove the chock from the wheel of the vehicle for a safe departure from the loading dock.
Other sequence of operations are available to suit your exact requirements.

The 990 Manual wheel chock

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