The MegaPack® Hangar, Shipyard or mining folding door is the most extreme model of the MegaPack® series and designed to meet the heaviest of industry needs.

Advantages of the Megapack®

Advantages of the Megapack®

  • SUPERIOR perimeter seal
  • Higher efficiency and lower costs
  • Safe operation
  • Extremely low ongoing maintenance and repair costs
  • High wind rating
  • Quite operation

Equipped with an inner and outer fabric membrane it guarantees energy savings, reliability with minimal maintenance and long life. High wind resistance combined with the high opening speed, the MegaPack® increases the efficiency of goods handling onsite.

The MegaPack® is equipped with dual motors to avoid shaft twisting and ensure a long life, but more so, for increased operational safety.

Compared to competitor products, whose door can potentially damage plant, property or people. If the MegaPack® motor fails, the secondary engine will hold the door in place.


Multiple lifting belts is another critical design characteristic of the MegaPack® when speaking on safety. Again, when compared to a competitor product the multiple lifting belts on the MegaPack® ensures that if for whatever reason a belt is compromised, there are several other belts to hold the doors position and operation until you can replace it.

Individually designed to adapt to the installed structure guarantees excellent wind resistance, thermal and acoustic insulation thanks to the double curtain formed by two PVC sheets connected by horizontal aluminium trusses.

Each PVC sheet is easily interchangeable if any damage or marking occurs, avoiding the need for ugly looking patches.

Each door from the MegaPack® series receives a personalized approach designed specifically for each customer’s need, space, and environment and is always different from the others making each door unique.

Construction is by galvanized steel and include a motor cover, top roll and column covers. As an option the frame can be powder-coated or constructed from 304, 316 or 441 grade stainless steel. The advanced controller allows for the integration of numerous opening accessories, safety systems and monitoring devices.

The MegaPack®

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