ThermicRoll® CLASSIC®

ThermicRoll® Classic industrial rolling shutters are suitable for a wide range of industrial environments where an accessible, economical and the space-saving industrial door is required. The quick-action of rolling shutters from the Classic line has an unbeatable value for money and minimal maintenance.

Features of the ThermicRoll® CLASSIC®

Features of the ThermicRoll® CLASSIC®

The insulated curtain of the industrial damper consists of aluminium or double-walled steel panels. This curtain then wraps on the top roll of the door, which is directly driven by the doors larger motor. In addition, Classic roller shutters can be equipped with polycarbonate windows to maximize interior lighting.

Finally, the size of the winding is minimal. It does not require any spring balancing system.

Maximum dimensions (L x H) 7000 X 5000 mm
Opening speed ~ 0.1 m/s
Closing speed ~ 0.1 m/s
Structure Galvanized or painted steel (OPTIONAL)
Coat Oxidized satin-finished aluminium: sp = 22 mm
Pre-coated steel: sp = 22 mm
Epoxy powder coating (OPTIONAL)
Control panel (EN 13241-1) 380 V
Power supply 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Limit switch Mechanical
Safety coast[EN 13241] Anti-crushing sensor (OPTIONAL)
Operation and maintenance manual Standard
Identification plates Standard
Durability 200,000 opening/closing cycles
Warranty 12 months

ThermicRoll® CLASSIC®

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