ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL ISO20, ISO50 and SPIRAL Airflow

ThermicRoll® ISO50 is the top of the range among the insulated shutters of ThermicRoll®.

These insulated doors guarantee the best performance in terms of speed, safety and insulation with an attractive appearance.

ThermicRoll® industrial doors make it possible to reduce costs, maintenance and assembly time, while at the same time enhancing quality, aesthetics and functionality. The industrial doors in the range use mechanical and electrical components of the highest quality and are entirely developed, designed and built in BMP Italy.

All ThermicRoll® insulated roller shutters comply with the 12453-12445/EC and UNI EN 13241-1/EC standards and are certified as exclusive and original products, unique in strength, practicality, functionality and quality.

ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL ISO20, ISO50 and SPIRAL Airflow

ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL ISO20, ISO50 and SPIRAL Airflow

KEY ADVANTAGES OF THE ThermicRoll® Spiral®

  • Safety of use by a 22-beam photocell barrier
  • Insulated panels, double sheet aluminium or painted galvanized steel cladding
  • Window panels with perimeter frame in structural aluminium and transparent element in single-wall polycarbonate
  • Single wall blind panels in structural aluminium
  • Airflow structural aluminium ventilation panels
  • High Insulating Power, with “U” value up to ~ 1.5 W / m2 * K
  • Sliding on high-density polyethylene guides (ThermicRoll® patent)
  • Absence of bulky ceiling fixings/hangers
  • Reduced lateral dimensions
  • Absence of winding shaft
  • Spiral reduces operational wear and tear
  • Lifting by double push-pull chain
  • Absence of high tensioned springs subject to failure and breakage
  • Balancing utilizing a group of counterweights
  • 415V three-phase motorization for intensive use
  • Controlled with inverter and absolute encoder
  • High opening speeds (up to 2.5m/s depending on door size)
  • Continuity of service
  • Captivating aesthetics
  • Durability up to 3 million cycles (with periodic maintenance)

Spiral Door ISO50 is suitable to be applied indoors and outdoors for any industry.

Among the most significant features of Spiral Door ISO50 insulated shutters is the high-density polyethylene patented circular spiral winding. The door curtain is a double-walled aluminium or steel panels with high thermal-acoustic insulation and the option of inserting polycarbonate windows.

Extreme response speed, minimum displacement noise, absolute safety, upper winding with reduced overall dimensions, thanks to the special processing of the curved insulated profile make this product at the cutting edge of the industrial doors sector.

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