ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL ISO80

The ThermicRoll® series is designed and developed for use in high traffic applications where security is a must.

ThermicRoll™ ISO80 combines the superior thermal performance of a heavy-duty sectional door with the performance speeds and operational efficiency of a high-speed door. ThermicRoll™ ISO80 is the perfect choice for distribution centres, pharmaceutical facilities, cold storage and manufacturing facilities.

Key Advantages of the ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL ISO80

Key Advantages of the ThermicRoll™ SPIRAL ISO80

  • Guaranteed safety by a 22-beam photocell barrier
  • Double sheet aluminium or painted galvanized steel cladding
  • “U” value up to ~ 1 W / m2 * K
  • Sliding on high-density polyethylene guides (ThermicRoll™ patent)
  • Absence of bulky ceiling fixings/hangars
  • Reduced lateral dimensions
  • Spiral wrapping eliminates curtain friction
  • Opening assisted by double push-pull chain
  • Absence of springs subject to failure and breakage
  • Balancing utilizing a group of counterweights
  • High use, Highly reliable motor
  • Controlled with inverter and absolute encoder
  • High opening speeds (up to 2.5 m/s depending on door size)
  • Continuity of service
  • Captivating aesthetics
  • Durability up to 3 million cycles (with periodic maintenance)

The 80 mm thick thermal insulated door panel keeps indoor conditions stable and outdoor weather where it belongs. Improved sealing around the perimeter of the door limits air leakage and helps support an increased thermal value.

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