Vehicle Restraint – 505NG Power Lock Surface Chock (Automatic Restraint)

The 505NG is a powered vehicle restraint system that prevents premature vehicle departure or “drive off” and “creeping” of a vehicle or trailer to avoid unsafe situations.

The Holdfast Loading Systems ground mounted automatic vehicle restraint system locks vehicles or trailers onto the loading bay to create a physical lock onto the trucks wheels, helping to prevent untimely vehicle departures.

Advantages of the 505NG Powered Surface Wheel Chock
Key Features

Advantages of the 505NG Powered Surface Wheel Chock


  • Helps prevent accidents around the loading & unloading bay resulting from premature vehicle departure.
  • Compatible with dock levellers and industrial doors.  Interlocking with the dock leveller and dock door with the 5056NG prevents loading and unloading without positive restraint engagement with the vehicle.
  • Restraint also doubles as a wheel guide helping to centralise the vehicle in the loading bay and avoiding damage to building and dock leveller equipment.
  • Reflective guides assist driver with guidance onto loading dock.

Simple Operation

  • Time for engagement to vehicle in approximately 25 seconds.
  • Streamlined design ensure the loading bay is free for use from other vehicles.
  • Suitable for almost any type of truck (min floor/ground clearance 35cm)
  • Control Panel compatible and fully integrated with all loading systems dock and door controllers.
  • Simple to Install and low life maintenance requirements thanks to clever engineering, simple design with minimal moving parts.

Durability and reliability

  • Hydraulic Operation, Hot Dip Galvanised Coating, Closed Hydraulic System and clever design to minimise build up of debris around the system.
  • Suitable for both new builds and retro fitting to existing sites.

The 505 Vehicle restraint system is a powered automatic operated on ground wheel chock. A vehicles wheels are physically locked, and the vehicle prevented from departing the loading dock via a hydraulically operated locking arm.


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