Hold Fast Industries: Your Trusted Partner for All Your Roll Maintenance Needs

In the bustling industry of high-speed roller doors, Hold Fast Industries has cemented its reputation as a beacon of quality and reliability, especially in the domain of Rapid Roll Maintenance. With a decade of industry experience and a robust portfolio of specialized doors, including various types of High-Speed Roller Doors such as Hangar Doors, Mining Doors, Cold Storage Doors, Freezer Doors, and Chiller Doors, we stand tall in delivering unparalleled service and products in Brisbane, QLD, NSW, and VIC.

Why Choose Us?

Our expertise isn’t merely confined to providing premium, Italian-made products; it extends to ensuring their longevity and optimal functionality through our meticulous roll maintenance services. Here’s why Hold Fast Industries is synonymous with excellence and reliability:

Our Self-Repairing Fabric Products

Our self-repairing fabric products have been a hallmark in establishing us as pioneers in the industry, ensuring that your door curtain endures the test of time and operational demands, reducing the frequency and costs of maintenance and replacements.

Our Comprehensive Range of Roll Maintenance Services

Navigating through the intricate mechanisms of rapid roll doors, we offer a spectrum of maintenance services to ensure that your operations are never hampered by unexpected downtimes.

Our Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At Hold Fast Industries, our commitment is twofold: ensuring that our products exemplify unmatched quality and that our services echo our dedication towards customer satisfaction.

Our Team of Experienced and Certified Roll Maintenance Technicians

Our team, comprising tradesmen and technicians, is not only well-versed with the technicalities of high-speed roller doors but also adept at identifying and rectifying faults, often in a single call out. With vans stocked with a comprehensive range of spare parts, we ensure that your rapid roll doors, whether it pertains to the door curtain or remote control, are left in a safe and secure position until works can be completed.

Call the experts

Embark on a journey of seamless operations with Hold Fast Industries, where quality meets reliability, and expertise meets practicality. Share your thoughts, experiences, or get in touch with our experts, and let’s pave the path towards operational excellence together.