ThermicRoll® EOLO®

Winding industrial door ThermicRoll® fundamental feature is the incomparable wind resistance. EOLO is perfect in situations where air movements are significant. The EOLO is designed for any industry in which large exits or egress openings require protection.

Features of the ThermicRoll® EOLO®

Features of the ThermicRoll® EOLO®

EOLO can do what the traditional roller shutter cannot, now covering areas up to 13×8 meters. The robust aluminium curtain wraps the top roll directly driven by the large motor, which requires no spring balancing system, minimizing routine maintenance.

Maximum dimensions (L x H) 12000 x 6000 mm
Opening speed ~ 0.1 m/s
Closing speed ~ 0.1 m/s
Structure Galvanized or painted steel (optional)
Coat Double wall-mounted profiles, natural aluminium NOT COIBENTED
Micro-profile profiles on the outside, smooth inner side with inverted shell
Aluminium wall sp = 2 mm; profile height = 90 mm approx.
Control panel (EN 13241-1) Electro-mechanical 380 V with men’s operation
Guide rails Zinc plated
Thermal coefficient (EN ISO 12567-1) U = 5,5 W/m2K
Operating temperature – 30°C + 70°C
Soundproofing coefficient RW = 25 dB
Wind Load
L / H 5000 x 6000 mm
L / H 7000 x 6000 mm
L / H 12000 x 6000 mm
Power supply 400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Emergency crank handle No
Maintenance user manual Standard
Identification plates Standard
Durability 200,000 opening/closing cycles
Warranty 12 months

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